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Rami Malek Chimes In on Whether Season 4 of 'Mr. Robot' Will Be Its Last

Christian Slater recently said Season 4 of ‘Mr. Robot’ will likely be the last. So we asked Rami Malek – here’s.. Read more

Warner Bros. / Mike Coppola, Getty Images

Damon Lindelof's 'Watchmen' Series Coming to HBO in 2019

The show will serve as a sequel to the classic graphic novel.


Paul Walker's Brothers Want to Bring Him Back in Another 'Fast and Furious' Sequel

Following his untimely death, Paul Walker’s brothers Cody and Caleb stepped in to help finish production on Furious.. Read more

Lucasfilm / Disney

The First 'Star Wars Resistance' Trailer Arrives In Our Galaxy

Check out animated Oscar Isaac in the first trailer for the new Star Wars cartoon series!

Warner Bros.

What Exactly Happens in the 'Crazy Rich Asians' Mahjong Scene?

If you’ve never played the game, here’s a helpful explanation of how this sequence goes down.


Someone Says 'Say Hi To Your Mother For Me' in Mark Wahlberg's New Movie

Yes, someone quotes the Mark Wahlberg ‘SNL’ sketch in the new Mark Wahlberg movie. We are not making this up.

United Artists

President Trump Brought 'Apocalypse Now' Up in a Meeting With Veterans, Then Was Totally Confused About What Happens In it

Somehow he thought the “I love the smell of napalm in the morning” line was about Agent Orange.


What's New on Amazon Prime Video: September 2018

Five original series and some classic titles are all arriving on Amazon next month.


MoviePass Now Limiting Users to Choosing From a Rotating Daily Schedule of Six Movies

The latest MoviePass change restricts users to choosing from six movies at a time, and a schedule that changes every.. Read more


'Mile 22' Review: A Marathon of Action Movie Misery

Iko Uwais might be the most physically talented action star on the planet. His work in Merantau, Headshot, and The.. Read more

New York Film Festival

The First Gorgeous Teaser Trailer for Alfonso Cuarón's 'Roma' Is Here

The ‘Gravity’ director is back with his most personal film yet, a gorgeous black-and-white tribute to the women of.. Read more


James Gunn Is Not Returning to 'Guardians of The Galaxy'

Disney’s decision to fire Gunn is reportedly now final.

Randy Shropshire, Getty Images / Warner Bros.

Quentin Tarantino's 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' Now Includes Bruce Lee

‘Inhumans’ star Mike Moh will play the late, great martial arts icon in Quentin Tarantino’s new film.

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